Myshield Sanitizing Wipes

Myshield Sanitizing Wipes

All My-shield® Personal Sanitizing Wipes are all formulated with Zetrisil® which gently cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes hands and the entire body, all while continuing to prevent bacterial reinfection by maintaining a long-lasting, protective antimicrobial barrier.

■ Protects for up to 24 hours

■ Kills in excess of 99.99% of bacteria, bio-films, spores & viruses

■ Alcohol-free formula

■ Moisturizes with Aloe Vera

Durable, lint-free sanitation wipes. Free of chlorine, alcohol & bleach.

For the removal of harmful germs & odors from the skin.

Available Individually or multi packed.

Available in:

A. 20ct Wipe Travel Pack (14cm X 18cm) (5.5in x 7in) 40gsm - 12 Units/pack - 4 Packs/case

B. 80ct Wipe Tubs (15cm x 20cm) (6in x 8in) 50gsm - 12 Tubs/case

C. 80ct Wipe Tubs (18cm x 20cm) (7in x 8in) 50gsm - 12 Tubs/case

D. 50ct Wipe Packs (20cm X 30cm) (7.87in x 11.81in) 26gsm - 24 Packs/case

E. 200ct Wipe Packs (22cm X 28cm) (8.66in x 11.02in) 26gsm - 8 Packs/case

F.Bulk 800ct Wipe Rolls (15cm x 20cm) (6in x 8in) 50gsm - 4 Rolls/case